Pin the hose on the fireman


Remember that childhood game pin the tail on the donkey? Well this is a great hens night game with a fun adult twist. Youโ€™re pinning the ‘hose’ on the fireman! Whether it be a cartoon drawing or a saucy photo of a real fireman is up to you! If you are having trouble finding a sexy fireman or a policeman then it can be a sexy man perhaps half naked man, “pin the pecker on the sexy hunk”.

What you will need:

  • A blindfold
  • A fireman poster
  • A ‘pecker’ drawing
  • Blue tack
  • A naughty prize for the winner!

How to play:

Blindfold each participant, give them a quick spin and then point them in the right direction of the saucy poster. The hose or pecker closest to his โ€˜equipmentโ€™ wins. An all time favourite with our henโ€™s party planners!

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