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Three girls excited hens party games

Hens Party Games & Hens Night Dares

Hen’s parties are all about cheeky fun, a good time and a good laugh – so why not throw a few classic Hens night party games into the mix? Get your Wicked Hens party off to a great start with these hilarious and fun Hens party games! Afterall, no Hens party would be complete without a few embarrassing moments to laugh about (after the wedding of course!) The Wicked party planners have compiled a list of the top ten tried and tested Hens party games out there and they are sure to get the whole group involved … even Granny! So pop the bubbles and make sure you don’t forget the camera, as this party is off to an uproarious start!

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Hens Night Games

  • Wedding day flowers and decorations

    How Well Does The Bride Know Her Future Hubby To Be?

    Before the bachelorette party starts, the Maid of Honor should contact the groom to be with a list of questions for the game – video taping the groom is a great way to make it more interesting and funny!
    Do a few easy questions but then spice it up a bit with a few intimate and embarrassing moments!

    Example question ideas:

    1. Where did they first meet?
    2. What is his favourite hobby? (besides the bride to be that is!)
    3. If he could be a superhero which superhero would he be?
    4. List the things that he would find in his wallet?
    5. If he won a holiday for 4 people who would he take?
    6. What was the groom’s first job?
    7. What is the groom’s dream car?
    8. What is his favorite beer?
    9. Who is the groom’s celebrity crush?
    10. What is his favourite naughty position?
    11. Name something the groom’s is afraid of?
    12. What is his favourite body part of yours?
    13. If he could go anywhere in the world where would he go?
    14. What is the groom’s dirty little secret?
    15. Who was (insert name) first kiss?

    Questions that have a story, specific days or use of certain numbers are always winners and really get the whole group involved! At the end of the questions ask the groom how many questions he thinks the bride will get right, then compare at the end of the game! Lets hope its more than the groom says!. A nice way to end this game is to give the bride to be her Hens party presents from the girls as a prize for answering the questions ... assuming she doesn't get them all wrong of course! This is the Wicked party planners favourite Hens party game so make sure you copy this one down.

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  • Girl wearing white holding coloured balloons

    Bridal Pictionary

    A fun game to play at your Hens Party is Bridal Pictionary!

    What you will need:

    • Large sheets of paper
    • Marker pens or crayons.
    • Jar or bowl

    The best way to play the game is to divide the hens party entourage into teams. Why not get created and come out with some sassy Hens bridal team names.

    How to Play:

    • The head bridesmaid should think of as many words as she can that are related to weddings and marriages. Some examples can be rings, flowers, church, bride, groom etc.
    • Place all of the words into a bowl or something similar.
    • Choose who starts and then ask her to pick a word out of the bowl and then draw the word in pictures.
    • The other girls on her team now need to try and guess the word she is drawing. If they are unable to guess the other team has the chance to guess.
    • The team that guesses the most correct answers are the winners
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  • a group of girls celebrating a engagement

    Hens Party Post It Note Game

    This is a great game that involves everyone on the hens night and is also an opportunity to embarrass the bride!

    What you will need:

    • A pad of large pink post it notes
    • Pens

    How to play:

    • Give everyone one post it note and ask them to write in sweet, funny, drunken or embarrassing memory they have of the hen.
    • Then place all of the post it notes on a hard surface and ask the bachelorette to begin picking them off and reading them one by one.
    • She then has to guess who has written the note, what it refers to, and tell the story out loud.

    Childhood stories, holiday tales, school stories, big night outs and previous boyfriends are all great topics for this one! The nice thing is that the bride to be can also put all of the notes in a book or an album as a keeps sake from her Hens Party.

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  • three girls drinking cocktails dressed up with the bride to be

    Pin the hose on the fireman

    Remember that childhood game pin the tail on the donkey? Well this is a great hens night game with a fun adult twist. You’re pinning the 'hose' on the fireman! Whether it be a cartoon drawing or a saucy photo of a real fireman is up to you! If you are having trouble finding a sexy fireman or a policeman then it can be a sexy man perhaps half naked man, "pin the pecker on the sexy hunk".

    What you will need:

    • A blindfold
    • A fireman poster
    • A 'pecker' drawing
    • Blue tack
    • A naughty prize for the winner!

    How to play:

    Blindfold each participant, give them a quick spin and then point them in the right direction of the saucy poster. The hose or pecker closest to his ‘equipment’ wins. An all time favourite with our hen’s party planners!

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  • Pink bag, shoes and flowers all laid out.

    What’s in Your Purse?

    This is a fun hen night game which everyone can play and get involved in! No props required, just ask every girl to be happy to share the contents of their bag!

    It is very simple game, below is a list of suggested items but you can always add to this list, perhaps make some items a bit naughty after all it is your hens party! Each item has a score and the girl with the highest score at the end of the game wins!

    What you will need:

    • Mobile Phone - 5 points
    • Lipstick - 5 points
    • Hand sanitizer - 20 points
    • A receipt for shoes - 20 points
    • Beauty Salon appointment - 10 points
    • Sunglasses - 10 points
    • Tweezers - 5 points
    • Condom - 20 points
    • Fresh Breath Mints - 10 points
    • Credit Card - 5 points
    • Photo of Partner / Husband - 20 points
    • Feminine Hygiene Products - 10 points
    • Ex boyfriends phone number - 20 points
    • Spare pair of underwear - 30 points
    • Fork, knife, or spoon - 5 points
    • Flash drive - 15 points
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  • three girls on a daring hens party scavenger hunt game

    Hens Night Scavenger Hunt

    A Hens Night Scavenger hunt is a perfect pre-evening game before the big night ahead or better yet why not do a small cheeky list when you are out on the town! It will definitely make the night very very interesting and will have you in balls of laughter.

    What you will need:

    • A scavenger list for each team
    • Pens
    • Camera for each team (optional)
    • Don’t forget everyone’s phone number in case hens get lost along the way!

    The idea is to compile a list that includes objects and people to find as well as challenges and dares! You will need to pre-organise the list of items for each team to collect or do, give them a time limit and have prizes ready for the winning team! Why not get creative and create your own custom made card list, so the girls can keep on point and not get side tracked by champagne, pubs and boys!

    Here are some ideas which you could include in your Hens Party Scavenger Hunt:

    • Find a guy with the same name as the groom and get him to snap a picture with the bride.
    • Get a business card of a single man
    • Have a guy serenade you
    • If the bride is from out of town, then find a person who is form the same home town.
    • Find another bachelorette or bachelor party.
    • Get a guy to give you a condom
    • Ask the bartender to come up with a special drink that is "the bride’s drink." Then start talking the drink up around the bar and convince strangers to order it by name (i.e. I'll have The Amanda).
    • Designate "the bride’s song" for the night. Get the DJ to play it at each bar.
    • Collect marriage advice. Ask people to write their advice on a napkin. If you want this to get naughtier, change this to advice for the wedding night. Target really drunk people for the best answers.
    • Hunt down the groom look-alike and get a photo with him.
    • I Dare you to dance with a man same age as your dad, are always good!
    • Do a body shot off a random guy at the bar
    • Get a piggy back from a stranger
    • Lightly spank a cute guy saying, "Do you want another?"
    • Find a cute guy with a tattoo and kiss the tattoo

    Another fun twist is to get each team to take snaps on their phones for photographic evidence!

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  • Toilet paper wedding dress game

    Designer Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

    This is probably one of the most well-known games played at all Hens nights since the dawn of time. It involves many rolls of toilet paper and everyone breaking into small teams. The aim is to create a dream wedding dress on one of your team members. The catch? You only get 5 minutes. At the end each ‘model’ should strut her stuff on the imaginary catwalk while another team member explains the inspiration (have fun coming up with a designer name and really ‘selling’ the great craftsmanship and detailing on your dress). The bride gets to choose the winning team.

    What you will need:

    • A lot of toilet paper
    • Sticky tape
    • Prize for the winning group!
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  • Hens groups partying at a nightclub.

    Never Have I Ever

    I am sure this is a party game everyone has played sometime throughout their youth. Never Have I Ever is the perfect fun Hens party game to get everyone in the mood for the big night ahead and also a great way to find out some dirty little secrets about each other!

    How to play:

    • Players take turns completing the phrase "Never have I ever..."
      Example: "Never have I ever had sex at the beach." "Never have I ever kissed a boy on the D.Floor"
    • Anyone who has done it must drink!
    • Details are key! If you drink you have to tell all of the gory details! Make them spill!
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  • Three girls with shocked look while playing a hens party games

    Two Truths and a Lie

    This is a great hens party game for breaking the ice and finding out some interesting fun facts or stories about the bride to be and the other women at the Hens party...perhaps there is a secret from the girl of the hour that you haven’t heard yet.

    How to play:

    • Each Hen’s partygoer must introduce herself and then tell the group three things about herself - two truths and one lie.
    • Then the remaining Hens besties must each guess which statement was false.
    • When each participant has placed her bet, the "liar", she must confess to her lie.
    • Why not make it interesting and every lady who gets the liar wrong has to take a shot?
    • The truths are often way crazier than the made-up lies, which usually creates opportunities for story swapping (and is generally hilarious).

    For example, "My first kiss was when I was 12, I failed my drivers 3 times before I got it, I hardly go to the beach because I hate the feel of sand between my feet."

    This is great hens game to get the night started and as the night kicks on things tend to get a bit naughty and sassy.

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  • girls drinking cocktails on a night out

    Banned Words Hen Party Game

    The Hen party game "Banned Words" like the name suggests is all about banning words!

    It is a simple and easy game to play, simply pick the most common word that every uses. For an example; wedding, cheers, the grooms name, etc. Any girl that utters any of the banned words is fined on the spot with either an exciting hen party dare or a nasty penalty shot! Banned Words is the perfect hen party game to entertain your ladies - what are you waiting for?

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  • Group of girls dressed up on a hens party

    Hens Night Decorations

    • The bride to be headpiece
      Dress up the Bride is always a must do! Mini bridal veils, a glitzy tiara, bridal sass and perhaps a penis necklace are always popular! Get creative!
    • The night time dare list
      Get every Hen to write down a night mission for the bride to be! Think of naughty, exciting and entertaining!
    • The ‘accessories’
      Thread some lollies onto a necklace, then enlist random willing males to remove the lollies from the bride’s neck… with their teeth..
    • A bit of burlesque
      Add a hint of naughty to the Hen’s outfit to make her feel marvellous, risqué and daring. A feather boa, or sexy garter. Perhaps ask every hens to bring a naughty accessory or clothing for the hen to wear at some point during the night.
    • A blow-up sexy doll
      Of course he’s the only male your allowed at the party! The best part? He’s naked...
      Why not add it to the night time dare list...’mission carry him around all night’.
    • X-rated essentials
      Naughty accessories and penis paraphernalia are a must have at all Hens nights! Penis straws and lollypops, blow ups, penis moulds always exciting!
    • A designated photographer
      Photos very important! We need proof of the crazy mishaps and moments that happen on your Hens night out! So it is very important because when’s the parties over, you’ll want to have more memories than the fuzzy ones! But remember what happens on the hens stays on the hens, right? If one of your girls is less likely to down ten champagnes, make her iPhone the official camera of the night – and charge her with getting pics of all the funniest moments, then sharing them with the crew the next day.
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